FUMC Westfield

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Nonprofit Partners


Latvian Lutheran School

The Latvian Lutheran School is associated with the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church of New York which serves New York City and the surrounding areas where it has gathered Latvian Lutherans for more than 100 years (http://www.nydraudze.org)

The LLS leases classrooms and other areas in our building on most Saturdays from September through May for their school of about 50 students.  In addition, they maintain an administrative office in Room 215. Click here to visit their website.


Joshua’s House

Dawrell Rich is the director of Joshua’s House, which has the mission to “transform disadvantaged youth into leaders by establishing an arts and culture incubator to create work for personal and social transformation.” Joshua’s House will begin leasing Room 304 on 1 January 2019. In addition, Joshua’s House plans to periodically conduct training courses and seminars in the building. Click here for more information about Joshua’s House and Dawrell Rich.


GIFT (Give It For Tomorrow)

GIFT is a mobile service that brings the donated clothing directly to the clients, and is directed by Marijo Tizzio. GIFT will begin leasing the main room on the 3rd floor as of 1 December 2018, to store clothes and administrative materials to support it’s mission to provide assistance to those transitioning towards employment by delivering suitable attire that a donee could wear to an interview. Click here to visit their website.

Donations of gently used clothing for both men and women is accepted.  Click here to view the form used for donations.