FUMC Westfield

An Inclusive Community of Faith


FUMC has been a part of the Westfield community since 1859. The original sanctuary was replaced by a second one, dedicated in 1877. A steeple, housing a clock and bell, was added for a re-dedication in 1886. The current sanctuary is the third constructed at 1 East Broad Street. It was dedicated in 1911 and houses the historic 1886 E. Howard Clock and Meneely Bell.

The Wesley Hall Wing, which houses the Wesley Hall School for Early Childhood (formerly Wesley Hall Nursery School), was dedicated in 1952. 

This Westfield Leader article provides an interesting history of the clock and bell. Tours of the clock and bell tower can be arranged by contacting John R. Panosh at clockmeister223@verizon.net or through the church office.