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Updates from FUMC Team Leaders

From the Finance Team: Don’t Forget About Our Church
As we all enter these uncertain times and begin to participate online in our weekly Church services, we encourage everyone not to forget about supporting our Church and its ministries.  Because we are not collecting our weekly offerings during our normal Church services, we need to look at other ways to continue honoring our annual pledges.  Unfortunately, our on-going expenses of the Church continue and we are experiencing a downturn in some of our tenant and boxcar parking rent, which are placing strains on the Church’s cash flows.  Therefore, we encourage everyone to mail your contributions to the Church’s office or to take advantage of our Online Giving Portal (see the Church’s website).  As many of us are working from home, this may be a good time to check this off your to-do list and sign up for online giving.  If you are sending your checks to the Church’s office, here is the address for you:

First United Methodist Church
1 East Broad St. Westfield, NJ 07090

Additionally, for those who established a Charitable Trust that funds your charitable gifts, we encourage you to consider accelerating your annual contributions to the Church by requesting larger grants/gifts to the Church in the upcoming months.   

We are also actively looking for new ways to interact with each other and continue some sort of “normalcy” in our life, while practicing our new skills at social distancing.  Please stay healthy and safe in the upcoming weeks.