First United Methodist Church Westfield


Posted by on Jan 14, 2018

Dear Friends,

At the conclusion of this morning’ worship service, I announced that after much thought and prayer, I had requested from the Bishop a new appointment for the next appointment year, beginning July 1. On Saturday morning, Drew Dyson (our DS) and I met with the Staff Parish Relations Committee to share the news with them. Below is a summary of what I shared.

At the end of this appointment year, I will have served at Westfield for seven years. For the majority of that time, Nancy lived in Princeton and commuted to Westfield on weekends. Usually she drove up on Friday and returned on Sunday. As is the case with church life, I often had commitments over the weekend, so our time together was limited. Nancy is on sabbatical this academic year and living in Westfield, and we have thoroughly enjoyed living under the same roof again.

In addition, the surgery on my left arm was more challenging and the recovery more limiting than I allowed myself to think. Had Nancy not been in Westfield, I would have had to move to Princeton for at least six weeks.

At the end of this academic year, Nancy will return to her teaching and administrative responsibilities at Princeton Seminary, and neither of us wants to return to a commuter marriage.

In my request to the Bishop I asked for an appointment that would allow Nancy and me to live in the house in Princeton that the Seminary provides her.

Over the next weeks, under the leadership of Traci Basaman, the Staff Parish Relations Committee will be in close touch with Drew Dyson, and when the time is right, will announce the new pastor. Until June 30, I will continue to be your pastor.

I will say it again numerous times before then, but I am and will remain deeply grateful for these seven years. It has been a privilege, and I look forward to these next months with you. I have every confidence that God is involved in all this and will continue to guide and bless us in all our days ahead.

With all hope and joy in believing, I am and will remain

Faithfully yours,